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Do the same denganpenggemburan pemupukansusulan

Do the same denganpenggemburan pemupukansusulan the ground and the 1st is 7-10 harisetelah planting, 20 days after planting, 30 -35 days after planting
Weeding and scarify done with care - do not be too careful in
so as not to damage the roots. Padamasa end of vegetative growth (entering the flowering period) stopped weeding.
Additional fertilization.
Given supplementary fertilizer padaumur 1.3, 5 weeks after planting, the plants surrounding the extent of 10 -15 cm from the plant stem, then piled soil.
By dosing:
1 week after planting Urea / ZA TSP 44 kg + 93 kg + 45 kg KCL
  3 weeks after planting Urea / ZA TSP 44 kg + 93 kg + 45 kg KCL
  5 weeks after planting Urea / ZA TSP 44 kg + 93 kg + 45 kg KCL
per hectare. Or use NPK compound fertilizer 150 kg - 200kg / ha.Pada week
third after planting, tanamanjuga in spray with foliar fertilizer containing N and K tinngi
Watering or irrigation.
In doing a week 2-4 times. Seen soil conditions. In the early stages of growth or. formation of flowers, the soil must be kept moist state do sampaikekeringan.
7. Harvest and post-harvest.
Harvesting is done when masabunga reaches maximum size. Harvesting between 55 -100 days, tergantungvarietas / cultivar.
After harvest, results in disimpandi shade to do the sorting. Sorting is done by diameterkepala interest in the four classes, namely:
> 30 cm, 25-30 cm, 20-25, and 15-20 cm.
  The best storage in the dark room padatemperature 20 degrees Celsius, humidity 75 -85% or dingindengan room temperature 4.4 degrees Celsius with humidity
  85 -95%.
Broccoli cultivation

RAISING Broccoli & Cauliflower - Broccoli and Cauliflower is one vegetable that is often consumed, including by the Indonesian people. These vegetables into Indonesia not long ago (around 1970) and is now quite popular as food, so it is potentially, if we want to try to do business broccoli cultivation. Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaBesides broccoli cultivation is not difficult at all the same as other vegetable crops, but that needs to be considered is the supply of water and heights of land such as farms.

Here will share How Planting Broccoli and Cauliflower (Brassica oleraceae var. Italica and oleraceae Brassica var. Botrytis) with EMP technology.

A. Growing Syaratan

1. The soil type: sandy loam to loam, friable, and contain organic ingredients.
2. - Optimum soil pH: 6.0 to 6.8.
3. Elevation: 400-2000 m above sea level.
4. The other requirements: location open and gets full sun and drainage smoothly.

B. Examples of Varieties

1. The Top Green F-1 (Broccoli)
Strong and uniform plant growth. Shaped flowers and green dome. Flowers 8-9 cm in diameter with a height of 9-10 cm. Weight of 350-400 grams of flowers. Hold the hot weather, so it can be planted in the middle latitudes (400-800 m asl). Harvest in 50-60 days after planting. Potential production of 12-14 tons per hectare

Plant growth is strong, uniform, and productive. Shaped flowers and green dome. Flowers 9-10 cm in diameter with a height of 11-12 cm. Weight flower 900-1000 grams. This variety is recommended for planting in the highlands (1200-2000 m asl). Harvesting can be done at the age of 60-70 days after planting. Potential production of 25-30 tons per hectare.

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Longan Planting Pingpong and Diamond River

Longan Planting Pingpong and Diamond River
To support maximum results in longan cultivation, there are several treatment steps that must be done by fans, among others:
1. Preparing longan hole before planting. For small seed size 0.5mx0.5mx0.5m large seed size is 0.75mx 0.75mx 0.75m hole for a while.

Agen Judi Online2. Ideal distance between the plants in the garden between 5 to 6 meters. 3. Growing media is a mix ratio of 1:1:1 respectively for soil: sand or husk: manure (preferably using goat manure, because it had phosphate levels greater than cow dung). Media mix should be left in the hole for a week, and then used to grow (this is so that microbes from manure can be spread by either a mishmash of media so that the media is more friable and also allow time for adaptation for seed to be planted on the surrounding environmental conditions). 4. The time of planting to tear the bottom of the bag or poly bag, not from the edge of the container so that the media and the roots do not shake. If the treatment is good (often fertilized, watered and didangir) plants from cuttings will usually begin flowering and fruiting at the age of 8-12 months. while that of the seed can begin to bear fruit at the age of 21-24 months. 5. Instead of watering and fertilizer spraying is done at night or early morning before sunrise, it is more effective because that is when the leaf stomata open.
6. Attractions pruning twigs after reaching a height of 1.5 meters. This is done to increase the branches so that more of longan fruit. Pattern trimming the 1:3:9 system.
7. Fertilization Do 3 times a year.

Taruhan Bola Online PLANT IN POT longan 1. Nurseries. Ping pong litchi seedlings in pots with a size of 1 × 2 m2 (or big pots according to the size of seeds).
2. Application growing media. Least good quality ping pong longan and growth depend on the application of media. Ideally, the media that are porous or hollow is recommended to be applied in pots, such as poor sand, manure, and chaff - with a ratio of 1:1:1. In this stage, the important thing to do is pendangiran or scarify planting medium. The use of fertilizers or nutrients are also quite recommended. But it must be adapted to each phase of plant growth.
3. Irradiation. Type ping pong longan, including plants that likes to direct sunlight. In this case, irradiation so important role in the growth and formation of fruit quality. Try to keep the plant is not shaded by anything, such as a wall or other plants whose size is greater.
4. Confirmed within a period of 8 months-1, 5 years, the results can be enjoyed. Just for harvest, the first fruits conditions less than the maximum, as their numbers are still relatively small. It deals with the period of adaptation of plants. But after the
Agen Judi Bolafirst harvest, the results can be optimized. Even within a single tree, dompolan number could reach about 50 kg. Imagine if you have 5 or 10 longan trees ping pong. In addition you can enjoy yourself, the result is also a potential business.

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Macro green algae, such as Ulva

c. Macro green algae, such as Ulva
CHAPTER IIIRAISING SHELL abalone (Haliotis asinina) USING KJA3.1 Means At KJA Methods

BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT The ingredients needed in KJA method is as follows:1. Container in the form of units of floating net cages that can be made of wood or bamboo fitted anchor made of steel or concrete.2. Containers made of waring maintenance.3. Transportation equipment, such as; boat or canoe.4. Working tool, are like; scales, hammers and saws.5. Guard house, used for protective activity.3.2. Site SelectionLive abalone shells on the sandy reef areas around the coast and there is rarely even dimuara river. It will be the primary consideration in selecting the location of abalone shellfish aquaculture. Therefore, not all locations can be used as a cultivation of abalone shells. In addition to the location, a very important factor to consider is the safety factor. The safLIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA ety factor is one determinant in the success of any business activity undertaken. The location is ideal but if it does not support the safety factor will result in losses as a result of theft and this will result in substantial losses.Abalone shellfish aquaculture site selection by KJA method is in principle the same as site selection on grouper culture duck (Cromileptes altivelis) by KJA system. Therefore, the cultivation of abalone shells can be done together with net grouper duck in different or separate. The location requirements are as follows:1. The natural disturbance factor.· Waves and Flow:Large waves will result in shock raft strong enough, it will cause damage to the construction of the raft and the difficulty in working. In addition, the power flow is also very decisive. Flow closely related to the circulation of water in the container maintenance / nets. Strong currents may result terlilitnya container / nets. Therefore, a great wave should <>· Not upwelling areas:This location is protected from the base to the surface water circulation (upwelling). In the area of ​​upwelling often occurs very dangerous to living organisms that are kept, where the bottom water with very low oxygen content and toxic gases to the surface that can cause mass death. Such locations should be avoided.
  1. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia
· Pollution:Abalone shells is an animal that moves very slowly so that if contamination occurs either industrial pollution, sewage ponds and from the local community will be difficult to avoid, the result would be mass death.

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IBM (Nelumbo Ett projekt med Nelumbium)

IBM (Nelumbo Ett projekt med Nelumbium)
Dhirta quruxda badan Chronic biyaha, hooyo si qaarada Asian. Beerayaa barkado biyaha iyo hooska badan, waxaa la mararka qaarkood laga helay duurjoogta ah u koraya korkordhisay ah. Dhirta Buradii in kuwa qummanuna koraan. Rhizomes qolof qaro waaweyn, creeper sii kordhaya. The caleemaha iyo ubaxa soo bax si toos ah uga rhizome ku lifaaqan dhoobada hoose ee warta ku. Width daab caleenta iyo fekrado, oo ay taageerayaan
Banteng88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014ku jirid dheer iyo wareega dhexroor 0.5-1 cm, dherer of 75-150 cm. Ka baxdey dabadheeratay dalka korkiisana waxay biyaha, oo korkiina sida gaashaan. Sagxadaha caleen in jiheeyo indhaha; color anfac badan oo cagaaran, gees guri, wax yar godan qayb dhexe, lafaha caleemaha kala firdheen, xarunta xagga darafka caleemaha, 30-50 cm dhexroor. Ubax waa udgoon, koraa ahiba ay dusha biyaha kula wareeg dheer oo xasilan oo afkoda, caws ubax dheer 75-200 cm. 15-25 ubax dhexroor cm, stamens anthers jaalle ah oo badan, ubaxa taajkii width, waxaa jira canqowga iyo waxaa jira double leh casaan, caddaan iyo huruud ah. Ubax Bloom maalin dhan laga bilaabo subaxdii ilaa galabtii. Ka dib markii dalagu, ka dhicin sal Tent ilaa danta haray in la burburin, qaabeeya sida koorta oo kala rogay leh dusha guri iyo sort a bannaan ee isbuunyo ka kooban 15-30 abuurka socday doonaa, midabka waa cagaar huruud ah, ka dibna cagaaran iyo ugu dambeyntii mugdiga brown, 6-11 midline cm. Seeds wareega yihiin sida lawska ah, laga helaa miraha dalool qaabeeya sida daray malabkii ah. Seeds kuwaas oo gaboobay midabka cagaaran blackish, da'da qiyaastii 1 bil tan iyo ubaxa Bloom. Caleemaha waxaa si caadi ah sida wax xirxirida ah loo isticmaalo, rhizomes dhalinyarada iyo miraha waa kuwo la cuni karo. Si keddis ah ka fiirsan ubax this iyadoo calaamad u ah daahirsanaanta, ka muuqataa kala duwan ee iyo farshaxan hunuuda ah Buddha fikirayay ayaa ku fadhiya on ubax hooska ah.
Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014Name Local:
Waxyar ayaa, seroia, Terate, tarate, taratai weyn.
Qaab dhismeedka:
KIIMIKADA PROPERTIES IYO SAAMAYNTA pharmacological: Seeds: Ilaalinta xaaladda wadnaha, kelyaha iyo xoojinta faa'iido caajisnimo ah. Caleemaha abuurka hooska: Eliminates kulaylka ee wadnaha, hoos u kulaylka, loo joojiyo dhiig baxa, iska caabin ah shahwada. Abuurka hooska maqaarka: dhiig ah ku jooji ah, Eliminates kulaylka ee caloosha, laga furo kulaylka iyo qoyaan xiidmaha. Manka (hooska shaarib ubax): kulaylka saarida xagga qalbiga ka, wuxuu xoojiyaa shaqada kelyaha, joojin shahwada iyo joojiyo dhiigga. Interest Base: milo dhiig la qaboojiyey, istaageynin, diidi qoyan. Stem IBM (caleemaha jirid, caws ubax): kulaylka Hoose iyo fududeeyo kaadinayo. Faa'iidooyinka IBM Leaf: nadiifinaya iyo ka saaraysaa kulaylka qoyan, korinta ku cad, loo joojiyo dhiigga, shuban, madax xanuun daawo, sanka oo daroogada, saxarada dhiig daawo, daroogo dhiig matag, dhiig-bax, makaanka daroogada, daawooyinka caadada aad u badan. Caleemaha Basic: kulaylka Hoose iyo baabi'iyo qoyan, normalizes caadada, uurka xoojisaa. Rhizome: Laga Cuno efficacious ceeriin loo yareeyo kulaylka, Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesiaqaboojiso dhiigga kulul oo kala diraan xinjiro dhiig. Marka la kariyey, nafaqo leh xoojiyo caajisnimo ah, la kordhiyo cunto xumo, booster dhiig, waxay ka caawisaa koritaanka muruqyada iyo daaweeyo shubanka. Roots: dhiig ah ku jooji ku kala faafa, xinjiro dhiig, dejiyayaasha u. Rhizomes Daqiiqada: dhiig ah ku jooji ah, la kordhiyo dhiigga, ayaa nidaaminaya shaqo ee kelyaha iyo caajisnimo.

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According to data BPPT each year Japan needs

According to data BPPT each year Japan needs 150 thousand tons from 250 thousand tons of eel fish needs the world, whereas the state's cherry production only 21 thousand tons per year. These data indicate eel export business opportunities are still wide open.
How to Start a Fish Farming Livestock eel Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia eel cultivation method
Generally, there are three eel cultivation stages, namely:1. Stage Separating I,2. Separating Phase II3. Stage Enlargement.
The existence of the cultivation phase is intended to accelerate the growth rate of eel. Until now there is no seeding technology engineering eel. So the eel seed stock still must rely caught from the wild. This eel fish seed color is transparent so-called glass eels. Benuknya already long eel-like but in miniature.
Separating Phase I.Nursery stage is the stage adaptation of initial recognition and at the same seeds from the wild eel that can be maintained in artificial ecosystems and feed homogeneous or artificial feed. Maintenance at this stage aims to maintain glass ell to be seed-sized eel Elver.After the nursery stage I do it Elver can log into the nursery stage is the stage selanjunya separating II.
Glass ell maintained umumny of type A. bicolor and A. marmorata. Glass ell for A. bicolor types derived from the south coast of Java while A. marmorata derived from Poso in Central Sulawesi and Tatelu. Ell stocked heavy glass measuring 0.17 g / tail with density for each site maintenance 6 tail / liter of water.
Spreading glass ell done as soon as possible after the glass ell received on-site maintenance. Dirsarankan to transport at night to reduce stress by high ambient temperature during transport if done during the day. Before stocked into glass ell where maintenance should be acclimatized beforehand .. The treatment can be done by placing plastic packing so that it floats on water maintenance media.

Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014Separating Phase IIis a preparatory stage to produce eel fingerling size (10 g / fish) and maintained subsequently prepared at the stage of enlargement.

Friday, June 6, 2014 will provide will provide some information and a tutorial on how to manage a variety of businesses ranging from simple to really have a priceless asset investment besar.tak the price for the future. For that you can read a few tricks that berjudulTips farming businesses pare the Good and Lucky Major Participants complete the following trick: JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Tips.budidaya.pare.yang.baik.html Search polybg or perforated plastic bag bottom measures 20 x 25 cm, fill with a mixture of soil, compost and sand, with a ratio of 2: 1: Enter melon seeds each polybag 1 seeds, cover with soil and watered every day.

Land to be planted first hoe, so loose, and made beds, approximately 2.5 x 10 M or adjusting the land conditions. Between beds to one another are spaced 75 cm with a depth of 30 cm. In the beds made holes with a distance of 250 candidate plants x 75 cm with a hole the size of 40 x 40 x 40 cm.
Once the hole is left for about 3 days, the hole is filled with fertilizer base, which consists of 1 can of compost or manure, 2 tablespoons 1 tablespoon of TSP and ZK.

Seedlings were grown, selected with leaves 3 pieces, fertile and appear healthy. Seeds removed from the plastic, then put in the planting hole soil backfilled to taste, then watered 2 times a day when there is no rain.
After 2-3 weeks of age plant propagation needs to be made. Propagation pole planted at 0.5 M in all the beds. Between the pole with the other pole are given wood or bamboo for propagation. Bamboo or wood was mounted horizontally with a distance of 0.25 M. JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA    Fertilization aftershocks administered once every 2 weeks after planting, the plants until the age of 4 months. Supplementary fertilizer composed of TSP and ZK with half the size of the basic fertilizer in each time fostering.

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Terms Growing

Basil does not require complicated requirements grow . It can be
Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014 said all regions in Indonesia can be planted basil . Clearly the soil is acidic . Basil is also tolerant to hot or cold weather . The difference is only a result of climate tanacnan slightly different appearance . Planted basil leaves in cold regions is wider and greener . Medium basil leaves in a hot area of small , thin , and pale green colored .
Cultivation Guidelines
Basil seeds propagated by seeds . Seeds obtained from the ripe fruit on the stem of basil . Old seed traits that are colored - black and dry . Basil seeds should be sown before planting. Nursery ground for processed until crumbly . Mix with a little manure . If the soil is too sticky add sand . Then sprinkle the basil seeds and cover with a thin layer of soil . Take care of the plants that have been grown in the nursery . Plants that are too tight is reduced . Unplug the growth of plants that are weak or interrupted . After about 4 weeks old the young plants can be moved to the land already .
Basil seed requirement for planting one hectare of land about 2-5 kg . Planting basil is usually grown in beds - beds . Sized beds with a length of 1-1 m in the size of the land . Before planting , the beds given manure . Made between beds 35 cm wide irrigation ditch . Basil plant spacing is 50 x 50 cm or 60 x 60 cm . Make a small planting hole , which is important young plants can go in and not crowded .
Maintenance of young plants that have been in the area needs to be checked whether growing well . If there are plants that die or grow ugly , should be embroidered . Weeding should be conducted . Weeds that grow revoked or dikored . Weeding time no need to wait until the grass grows large or many . These weeds are even more dangerous when the plants are still mada due to the competitiveness of plant roots to absorb nutrients is still very low
The flowers that grow to be discarded . If not then the fresh shoots of production will decrease . Flower buds discarded once a week while doing the trimming . Arrange to be compact branching and shoot growth will not be biased , but equally in all directions. Manure fertilization dose given was 10 tons / ha