Friday, June 20, 2014

Longan Planting Pingpong and Diamond River

Longan Planting Pingpong and Diamond River
To support maximum results in longan cultivation, there are several treatment steps that must be done by fans, among others:
1. Preparing longan hole before planting. For small seed size 0.5mx0.5mx0.5m large seed size is 0.75mx 0.75mx 0.75m hole for a while.

Agen Judi Online2. Ideal distance between the plants in the garden between 5 to 6 meters. 3. Growing media is a mix ratio of 1:1:1 respectively for soil: sand or husk: manure (preferably using goat manure, because it had phosphate levels greater than cow dung). Media mix should be left in the hole for a week, and then used to grow (this is so that microbes from manure can be spread by either a mishmash of media so that the media is more friable and also allow time for adaptation for seed to be planted on the surrounding environmental conditions). 4. The time of planting to tear the bottom of the bag or poly bag, not from the edge of the container so that the media and the roots do not shake. If the treatment is good (often fertilized, watered and didangir) plants from cuttings will usually begin flowering and fruiting at the age of 8-12 months. while that of the seed can begin to bear fruit at the age of 21-24 months. 5. Instead of watering and fertilizer spraying is done at night or early morning before sunrise, it is more effective because that is when the leaf stomata open.
6. Attractions pruning twigs after reaching a height of 1.5 meters. This is done to increase the branches so that more of longan fruit. Pattern trimming the 1:3:9 system.
7. Fertilization Do 3 times a year.

Taruhan Bola Online PLANT IN POT longan 1. Nurseries. Ping pong litchi seedlings in pots with a size of 1 × 2 m2 (or big pots according to the size of seeds).
2. Application growing media. Least good quality ping pong longan and growth depend on the application of media. Ideally, the media that are porous or hollow is recommended to be applied in pots, such as poor sand, manure, and chaff - with a ratio of 1:1:1. In this stage, the important thing to do is pendangiran or scarify planting medium. The use of fertilizers or nutrients are also quite recommended. But it must be adapted to each phase of plant growth.
3. Irradiation. Type ping pong longan, including plants that likes to direct sunlight. In this case, irradiation so important role in the growth and formation of fruit quality. Try to keep the plant is not shaded by anything, such as a wall or other plants whose size is greater.
4. Confirmed within a period of 8 months-1, 5 years, the results can be enjoyed. Just for harvest, the first fruits conditions less than the maximum, as their numbers are still relatively small. It deals with the period of adaptation of plants. But after the
Agen Judi Bolafirst harvest, the results can be optimized. Even within a single tree, dompolan number could reach about 50 kg. Imagine if you have 5 or 10 longan trees ping pong. In addition you can enjoy yourself, the result is also a potential business.

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