Friday, April 4, 2014

Fish larval rearing Cork

Maintenance done after 2 days the larvae hatch until the age of 15 days, in the same aquarium with a density of 5 fish / liter. Excess larvae can be kept in another aquarium. At the age of 2 days, the larvae were fed with frequency naupli 3 times a day. From the age of 5 days, the larvae were fed an additional form of daphnia 3 times a day, to taste. To maintain the quality of water, do penyiponan, by removing impurities and residual feed and replace with Agen Bola Terpercaya new water as much as 50 percent. Penyiponan done 3 days, depending on water quality.

Fish Farming cork with Separating
Separating I do fish cork in ground pool. The trick: to prepare the pool size of 200 m2; dry for 4-5 days; fix all the parts; kemalir to back with a width of 40 cm and height 10 cm; essentially averaged soil; scatter 5-7 sacks of chicken manure or quail; contents as high as 40 cm of water and soak for 5 days (the water is not discharged); stocking 4,000 larvae in the morning; after 2 days, give 1-2 kg of flour pellets or pellets that have been soaked every day; crop seeds after 3 weeks of age.

Benefits and Drawbacks of fish cork
Actually, cork fish have high economic value. Cork wild fish caught from rivers, lakes and swamps in Sumatra and Kalimantan often marinated before traded between islands. Cork salted dried fish is one that is quite expensive. Besides fresh catfish, mostly sold in a state of life, an important source of protein for rural communities, especially those adjacent to marshy areas or river.
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Catfish bait fish which is also enjoyable. With live bait such as insects or frogs child, cork fished relatively easy. However, sharp teeth and a bolt and a strong pull, can be easily broken off pancing.Untuk rural communities, especially farmers, fish cork help exterminate pests, for example: a lot of rice fields inhabited by snails, often leads to Agen Judi Online  crop failure, result of the act of consuming rice snails that often, especially at a young age. However, some farmers find ways that are easy and very helpful, that is, with the cork fish breed in rice fields being in garapnya, with so many snails that harm farmers will gradually be reduced, however these fish can also be very harm, ie, when entered into pisciculture ponds (Though some relatives cork in Asia also deliberately bred as pet fish). Cork very greedy prey on small fish, so they can spend fish reared in ponds, especially if the pet fish was still small. Fish species penganggu cork also be no.1 in Sulawesi and Irian Jaya because they have destroyed native fish speesies.

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