Saturday, March 29, 2014

IPU laa if any than we (women) do not kid chasing the characteristics

IPU laa if any than we (women) do not kid chasing the characteristics of a Muslim woman. Very hokey laa son who is capable not tu. If there was no son so few Muslim women ni ika think maybe they have a problem with faith and themselves. Pulau Pari What we should do is pray to Allah hopefully we sejantina brother was given guidance and instructions in order to open his heart to embrace Islam and accept Islam itself as a whole. Do not insult or memperlekehkan them. Because everything is not perfect man ni. Perhaps someday he's better than us. Who knows, right there?

Ika is still not perfect as a Muslim woman, a lot of very deficient self-ni. Yes, too much! Ika was not raised in a family that influenced religious knowledge complete, ika persekitaran simple raised in religious knowledge. But thank God, to learn the Koran direction mama conductivity, conductivity ika learn deep religious knowledge, so that the complete self sundries. But surely ika, still too many shortcomings that need repair ika. Ika not slip past the boy repeat in the future also ika son forget completely. Various ni ika experience in life and that experience taught ika become more mature from time to time and make ika made aware of the importance of religious education in every individual.
And most want to reiterate to the Adam ika is, do occasionally take the opportunity to the weaknesses of the Eve. Just because the Eve ni naive, gentle, happy je mocked, brutalized, taken a chance and so on. Know of a lifetime if you sin not apologize you indulge darjatnya woman was very high on the side of God.
So, where we kind of kid memperelokkan keperibadian us as Muslim women? Among the characteristics of the Muslim woman should we contohi is:
1. Prayers on time.
2. Many practice circumcision and lips moist with remembrance.
3. Grain terselit speech with
Pulau Pari   sentences like bismillah, thank God, God willing, Subhan Allah, etc. Allahuakhbar remembrance.
4. Making the Quran as a companion.
5. No complains with trivial issues daily life.
6. Conversing with a low voice.
7. Soft and smooth behavior and not made-up (Gedik).
8. Said the happy talk heard no word lucah curse or oath.

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