Friday, March 28, 2014

Land to be planted should be in the clear caisim

Land to be planted should be in the clear caisim of weeds and wild grass, and should be in gemburkan first. Pengemburan soil can be done with a hoe or plow. After that, make beds with a width of 1 meter and a height of 25-30 cm. Create a trench between beds with a width of 40 cm. After seedbed so, sprinkle manure on soil beds with a dose of 100kg/ha and stir until evenly distributed. Then let approximately 5 days before the land is ready for planting.
3. Planting the seeds
Once the seedlings ready for planting caisim, make holes in the soil planting beds at a spacing of 15 x 20 cm. Then take the seeds that have been prepared, entries 1-2 seedling into the hole and replace the cover. After planting is complete, flush to wet land plots. To prevent the seeds that have been planted not wither in the sun, planting should be done in the afternoon.
4. Treatment plant
To get a good harvest, mustard plant and care must be guarded well too. Care needed by plants include caisim

watering, should be routinely performed in the morning and afternoon, except for rainy days
fertilization, can be done by spraying liquid fertilizer at a dose of 10 ml / 1 liter of water when the plant is 4 dap, 11 dap and 17 dap. POC form
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA of additional fertilizer can also be given when the plants aged 7, 14 and 21 haris after planting.
weeding, if done around the plant grows wild grasses or weeds.
fungicide or insecticide spraying can be done to control pests and diseases. Spraying should be done 2 weeks before the crop at harvest, so that the poison is no longer attached to the plant at the time of harvest.
5. Harvesting
Caisim harvest can be done after the plant is between 40-45 days. Harvesting can be done by pulling the plant up roots, or just cut the base course. Harvesting too late will cause a rapid flowering mustard plants. Plants that have been harvested should be in put in the shade and drizzle in the water that are not easily wilt. Caisim storage at room temperature only lasted 1-2 days. but if stored in the refrigerator wrapped in newspaper and plastic bags can last up to 1 week.

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