Saturday, March 22, 2014

The next tips is to avoid the use of dark colored clothes women

The next tips is to avoid the use of dark colored clothes women because it will make your body look even smaller . Use only tops with bright colors or soft . Details on clothes such as wrinkles , wrinkles , or pleated to give a full impression on your little body . Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia
If you decide to wear a skirt , try not to wear a skirt that having a certain width and length . This skirt will menengelamkan your tiny body . choose a standard size or a skirt with knee-length mini skirt . Selection of belt should also be considered , a big belt and wide it is becoming a trend , but if you have a petite body , then this belt will make your makeup look odd and out of proportion .
· Choosing your clothes for tall skinny
Many women think that the tall, thin body is the most ideal body shape . But you still have to pay attention because if the wrong choice of clothes , you will not look attractive . Tips on choosing clothes women with high lean body is to avoid clothes that are too tight . Tight clothes will not make you look good but will actually make you look more slender . Collar with V-neck models should also be avoided because it would make the bulge bones become increasingly class and you look thinner .
To address the thin body , you can follow some tips like wearing a blazer with knit material to increase the volume of your body . election subordinates should also note , if you want to wear pants . Choose pants that fit in the leg and not too tight .

If you want to use a skirt , choose a skirt with bright colors that will give a full impression on your body . Great patterned skirt that you can also JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA choose to avoid the impression of too skinny . Skirt types that should be avoided is a dark colored skirt , a thin , patterned vertical , skirts that are too loose , and skirts that are too tight . You can also use a scarf or necklace that is rather large to make your body become a little more contained .

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