Friday, September 26, 2014

Jambu water comes from the Indo China and Indonesia

Jambu water comes from the Indo China and Indonesia, spread to Malaysia and the islands of the Pacific. There are still concentrated as garden Bisnis Online plants For home consumption. Guava Fruit merely morbidly sweet water refreshing, but it has the appearance of diversity within. Rose apple (Eugenia aquea Burm) categorized as one type of fruit that has not been touched potential pembudidayannya For commercial purpose. Perishable nature which becomes an important problem that needs to be solved. The fruit can be said to be ill-skinned, so little physical damage to the fruit will accelerate the rotting fruit.

Figure 3-month old seedlings cuttings


2 Planting
The method can be performed in fruit planting in pots (tabulampot), or poly bag with a diameter of 50 cm. Pots were given a small hole for drainage and then filled with soil and manure in the ratio of 1: 1.
The average water guava tree arranged with a distance of 2.5m to 3m so there is air circulation between the trees.

"Since the beginning of the varieties cultivated land area used is still limited. Nevertheless, because the technique of cultivation is done seriously, finally yielded very satisfactory results," he said.

He explained that he did cultivation AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA techniques to produce superior varieties namely ranging from how to use fertilizers that are not destructive and easily made ​​or obtained, mainly organic fertilizer from the surrounding environment, medicine, and prepare a good irrigation system.

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