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Actually, this kind of farming systems have long adopted

Actually, this kind of farming systems have long adopted a number of countries with limited land resources. It sort of integrated fish farming technologies and crop. Applied this technology economical land and water, to be easily applied in urban areas with narrow land.

Many benefits can be derived from the application of this aquaponic. Low production cost and high yield. This system could curb environmental pollution. "Cost-fare advance purchase only semen, paralon, and others. Some needs can be filled with items such as glass containers of mineral water. "

Mering begin implementing aquaponic around five months. Initially, only the prime harvest spinach. Now, other vegetables such as spring onions, mustard village, chili, long bean and start planting.

Certainly not all stages must be followed. In addition
Taruhan Bola  to complete stage 1 s / d 4, can also no.2 and 4 only, or 2,3 and 4, or 1 and 4, or direct 4 following explanation of each stage:

Pre-Seed or Seed Starting
Each plant seeds produce specifications "Germination Rate", which is its seed sprouts. Germination rate is generally around 80%, meaning that if we planted 10 seeds, there may only 8 seed that grows. Pre-Seed is intended to filter out the seeds do not grow, so we are just sowing / planting the seeds that have started to sprout that grows high enough certainty.

There are several ways of Pre-Seed, one of which, among others:
Seeds soaked in water (warm) for a half - 1 hour. Seed berkecambahnya long time, such as Coriander or Parsley or Horenzo be soaked overnight. Then proceed to the next level, that is sown or planted. Perendamam purpose to moisturize the skin grow seeds until pori2 skin. Consequently happen penetration of water into the seed. This mentriger seeds to grow produce substances regulator (auxin) which then mentriger board seeds (growing point) start growth. At this stage we have not been able to distinguish seed sprouts has its highs and lows, so if direct sown / planted, probably not all the seeds will grow (Note: water immersion can be grown or substance regulator organic liquid fertilizer or a little salt to help the growth process )
To ensure that the seeds sown / planted with its high seed after seed soaking, stored in containers with a damp cloth such as tissue moistened. Close the container in order to avoid evaporation. Store in a cool place. After a few days of starting seeds germinate.
Judi Online At this point we can choose only the seeds that have germinated only sown or planted, so probailitas grow much higher.

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