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Actually, women are more at risk of dying from heart disease than men .

Actually, women are more at risk of dying from heart disease than men . But the fact is the case of heart attacks more common Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayaamong men . Recognize the signs and symptoms before it 's too late .
Heart is one of the vital organs that are essential for health is maintained . They , ( women in particular ) who suffered or suffer from heart disease , usually caused by lack of oxygen supply to the heart , so the heart does not function properly .
Heart Disease In WomenBad habits that often we do not realize , especially diet , is very influential in heart health problems . This is not a single cause . Heart problems also triggered by lack of physical activity such as exercise and prolonged stress .
Moreover, in female smokers , heart health problems more likely . This is due to the instability of the hormone estrogen in the body due to exposure to nicotine . In fact , estrogen is Horom antidote to heart disease .
The disease is the most common heart attack . In the report Prevention , every year has found the data that the woman died of a heart attack . That is , women are more at risk of heart attack than men .
A. Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women
As a silent killer , basically this disease also issue signals that can unwittingly help you to detect it early . The rest , recognize the following symptoms as stated Dr John F Knight in his book entitled " Family Medical care"
1 . Fatigue oftenFactors heavy work or exercise to be one of the appearance of fatigue . But when you light physical activity then easily tired , it should be wary . Approximately 70 percent of these are the early symptoms of heart disease , due to a lack of oxygen to the heart .
2 . Mild painIn this condition, the pain is not limited to that part of the heart. The pain can occur in other parts , such as the sternum , upper back , shoulders , neck , and the unexpected part : jaw .
3 . Sweating without ActivitySweaty hands or body part is often associated with heart problems . True enough . When you are not doing activities that drain sweat or sudden sweating , beware ! This is one indication of heart disease are also tagged with face blanched .
4 . Dizziness and NauseaThis condition is often felt in about 39 Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya percent of women who experience indigestion . If it is severe , you not only experience dizziness or pain in the head only, but you can not withstand fainted from pain .
5 . shortness of BreathNearly 58 percent of women experience an inability to regulate their breathing . It can be caused due to excessive tiredness issued emotions , walking up the stairs , or after strenuous activity .
6 . Sleep or Insomnia hardThis is what causes the increase in coronary heart disease in women . Conditions sleeplessness or insomnia is experienced by about 48 per cent of women , and will last for several months . Not only that , the quality is also not sleep long enough to help you sleep soundly .
7 . Excessive AnxietyThe body will signal that you are in a state of anxiety . This could happen due to psychological factors a person , such as for example stress . These conditions lead to a sudden heart attack .
B. Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
In Indonesia , heart disease still the leading cause of death of men . However , that does not mean women can not be affected by this disease . There are some of the most common symptoms of heart attack marked as tightness in the chest , pain , and dizziness . However , the question is , whether the heart attack symptoms in men and women alike ? The answer is , no !
Dr. Larry Weinrauch said , in essence , very few pre- menopausal women who had a heart attack . Exception , if they are smoking , diabetes , or taking birth control pills for a long period of time . However , he continued , smoking is still the biggest risk factors related to heart attacks in women .
The following are the symptoms to look out for will be the emergence of a heart attack in women , as suggested by Weinrauch :
• Nausea and vomiting that will not stop• Shortness of breath ( but do not sigh ) or especially if you wake up at night• Chest feels inconveniences that starts from the back of the sternum and radiating to the shoulder or arm , neck , jaw .• Discomfort in the lower jaw• Discomfort in the upper back , especially if it occurs only with exertion or will not go away• Discomfort in the chest or back that occurs when eating a lot• Suddenly a very fast heart beat along with pulse• sudden loss of consciousness• Physical incapable of doing regular household chores
C. Heart Disease Risk Factors
So , who is most at risk of experiencing these symptoms ? The point is , the more risk factors you have, the greater your risk of heart attack menendapatkan , such as :
• Stop Menstrual• Smoking• Family history of heart disease before the age of 60 years• High blood pressure ( hypertension )• Diabetes• Obesity• High Cholesterol
The heart is an organ whose function is vital for the body . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel CambodiaTherefore it is important to maintain heart health . Begin by familiarizing your dear heart healthy lifestyle and identify gejal - early symptoms of heart disease

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