Thursday, February 20, 2014

The poor drainage conditions in the capital became the main complaint people

The poor drainage conditions in the capital became the main complaint people gathered in the province Deliberation 2013. Drainage problems that do not serve it always occupies the top position in the matter complained of in theunit link terbaik di Indonesia Commonwealth Life investra link  entire region.
In addition to drainage, garbage problem, the condition of river and infrastructure such as roads and bridges are also always raised. Bureau Chief Governance Jakarta, Irmansyah, said the problems were collected after holding two public hearings and focus group discussion.
Deliberation Results province was discussed at Jakarta City Hall on Thursday, December 12, 2013. Deliberation Committee Chairman and Chief Provincial Governance Bureau, Irmansyah, said the results of the consultation will be proposed to the Governor.
"It will complement the results Musrenbang to formulate government policy in the future," he said in Jakarta City Hall on Thursday.
One discussant citizen consultation results, Chairman of Indonesian Institute Foundation (YLKI), Tulus Abadi, appreciate the steps performed for the first time the city government. "So far there is no good communication between government and citizens," said Sincere at City Hall on Thursday.
The presence of the provincial conference,
Kuliner Balikpapan he said, can show multiple problems faced by citizens. At least, local problems in the capital city as street vendors, local flooding due to poor drainage can be addressed immediately. "There is still a lot of time because there are still four years, when problems such as traffic and flood the role of central government is necessary," he said.

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