Monday, February 3, 2014

The first President of the Republic of Indonesia , Sukarno

The first President of the Republic of Indonesia , Sukarno , known as female conqueror . Married nine times , easy women subjected to it. Actually what Soekarno secret ? Why do women always attracted to Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah

Former Adjutant Sukarno, Sukarno was telling Bambang Widjanarko whiz about women. Kharisma Soekarno plus high intellect , making women knees.
" BK ( Bung Karno ) really be called champion . Against every woman is exposed , she was always able to devote his attention to the woman. Till the woman feels that she is the only woman most loved or appreciated BK , " wrote Bambang Widjanarko in the book ' Close Sewindu Bung Karno ' published literature Popular Seaside .
Moreover, Soekarno also always be courteous and warm Gallant or every woman . No matter old or young woman . Soekarno not hesitate to fetch drinking himself to living women.
Soekarno also always helps to hold the hands of women , if the woman out of the car . He also mengumbar flattering on women. This always makes the women honored.
Hymns like "How serasinya kebaya cloth you wear, " or "Miss, younger looking hair with the new order , " is often heard from the mouths of Soekarno .
Then in a variety of excursions in Europe and America , Soekarno often get compliments from the ladies. Start of female politicians , artists classmates to Marilyn Monroe .
" Your President is a real gentleman , " Bambang said the woman mimicked compliment .
But Bambang recorded , due to the antics as Arjuna was Soekarno often have trouble with women . Of course, not easy Bisnis Online Sederhana Hasil Dasyat Modal Hemat

to have four wives at once and all ask to be number one.
" That's the BK Arjuna in his life continued to engage the question of women and brave political apply ' Vivere pericolozo ' in matters of love ," remembers Bambang Widjanarko .

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