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he important thing we should know is that this

he important thing we should know is that this chocolate is not the same as the seeds of other plants. Because cocoa beans has no break time, because that's when completed should be immediately dikecambahkan.
Kontes SEO     As additional knowledge, should also be explained if too ripe seeds bad for planting. That seed was germinated in the fruit. Thus, seedling sprouts were dead.
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Seed Germination
Seed germination was conducted in Embankment germination. This place is usually 0.80 to 1 meter size and length depending on the needs. Embankment should be made on the lands covered with loam and sand on top 15cm tall.
To avoid the rain drops or even sunburn, should create a roof. The roof height of approximately 1.5 meters to the east and to the west of 1.20.
1. How to Put beans
Seed called eye or a discharge that is radical roots, placed at the bottom. If eye or eyes or radical they become indistinguishable, then the seeds with the tip of a large, placed below. This is very important because that means cocoa nature epigaes seeds germinate in pieces on the ground. By extension hypocotyls, seed pieces is lifted above the ground.
To put points on the bottom side, the board does not lose energy crops to lift kepingnya on land. The seeds in the row with groove spacing about 3
Jasa SEO Terpercayacm, and distance from one another seed in the groove about 1 cm. Seeds we latency sufficiently to only a small portion protruding from the ground. Once the seeds dikecambahkan, Embankment immediate seedling watered. Watering Embankment cocoa bean sprouts is to be done twice a day, ie morning and afternoon.

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