Saturday, May 24, 2014

While waiting for the seedlings to grow up

While waiting for the seedlings to grow up , prepare the planting medium . Media in the form of a mixture of manure , compost / soil with bokashi and 1:1:1 ratio . Manure derived from goat manure or chicken manure can also use rice husks are added to make it more porous . Can also use bokashi fertilizer mixed with the soil in the ratio 3 : 1 . Mixed media flat then put into polybag .
For transplanting or transplanting into the planting medium must wait 30 agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayadays old seedlings . The goal for a strong seed and seedling growth of greater possibility . Transplanting is better done in the afternoon due to low temperature or just too hot so the seeds do not wither because of high respiration .
Once planted , flush and put the seeds in a shady spot yag . If the plants are fresh , can be moved in the open .
Care and maintenance of pepper plants in pots is more efficient and easier . In the pot , the microenvironment that the environment around the plant more easily controlled . Suppose if the plant is dry , stay watered . Plants do not need a lot of water as if growing vegetables on land .
Watering is done regularly in the morning and afternoon . Depending on weather conditions . If the weather is cloudy and rainy , quite a day one time .
In fertilization , it is easier to control . Fertilization can be done 20 days after transplanting and 20 days fertilization until the crops are ready to harvest. Fertilization can use organic fertilizers such as compost , bokashi fertilizer , manure etc. . Can also use chemical fertilizer N - P - K . For pots with a diameter of 15 cm can be sown 10 points . Fertilization is done after the plant life of one month . The next regularly once a month until the plants to bear fruit .

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Flowers appear after the plant is 2.5 to 3 months . The flowers are small white colored . Age one day , flowers will wither and fruit will appear . Fruit and picked peppers ready to be harvested after 2 weeks of fruit will appear . The sign fruit is red, yellow or green light depending on variety .

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