Saturday, May 3, 2014

jengkol it can be grown in two ways

ree jengkol it can be grown in two ways, Jasa SEO Jepara namely by grown from seeds or by means of grafting. To obtain seeds jengkol, step The first thing to do is to provide the growing size of the plastic bag little has been filled with soil in it.
Plant jengkol seeds in a plastic plant which contains the fertile soil. Sirami on a regular basis to grow kecambag jengkol will appear approximately two until three weeks later, after appearing jengkol sprouts, seed time was moved to a larger land that had been prepared. Give fertilizer on a regular basis so that the tree can grow in a healthy manner. Give protection when the plants are young so as not to be disturbed pests.
Cultivation Jengkol
Planting or jengkol cultivation itself is not widely in Indonesia. It is jengkol because usually grows wild. Luckily plant jengkol easy to grow. Trees can be grown from seeds jengkol or otherwise grafts. Jengkol plants grown by seeds or seedlings will begin fruitful if it has been aged five years or more. If the tree jengkol grow through the graft, the fruiting period will be much more short.

Belajar SEO Untuk Pemula Jengkol
Tree care jengkol also be aware of the threat of pests that can attack. Pest jengkol common plants are snakes and squirrels. In addition, sometimes jengkol pest attack "boloren" which is fatal to the tree The jengkol. Additionally weaver ants often nest in tree jengkol can damage the flowers and ovaries.

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