Monday, July 7, 2014

In the stage of crop cultivation after planting

   In the stage of crop cultivation after planting sago maintenance done in the field do. Preservation aims to acquire the optimal starch include weed control, thinning sapling, fertilizing, pest control disease, embroidery and handling of fire (Irawan, 2004). Embroidery done after three months from the time of planting. Stitching intended to replace dead plants. It is important to do in order to avoid vacancies in plantation acreage and land that  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayaould be utilized efficiently. Embroidery is done by using the same seed grown old with the same prior to growth.
Once sago grows naturally, usually around bokoran will appear buds which eventually evolved into a sapling consolation. The other consolation sapling growth will lead to closer vertical crop that can complicate maintenance and harvesting, will also be competing for the parent tree to get the nutrient elements from the soil or sunlight. The competition will cause the contents of the shaft in the trunk of the sago decrease and inhibit the growth of the main stem. With that productivity will decline. Therefore, a child should be thinning or pruning a child. According Bintoro (2008) that sago plants can grow and develop well, then in a clump up there were 10 plants with varying levels of age. In 1-2 years are only allowed one child can grow sago. With that in 1-2 years to harvest sago palm 1. According to Tong in Haryanto (1992), vertical thinning trees in orchards consolation ideally once a year. Total tree disisakan or allowed to grow in a cluster depending on the type and species of sago and its growth story. clumps of weed control and consolation after prunning Pemelihraan selanjtnya is weed control. Definition wild weed is a plant that is not expected to interfere with his presence and tree crops. Sago plantation weed control in effect on the growth and development of consolation. Weeds will cause major crop stunted growth and development, especially if the weeds are already present on the critical phase of sago plants (Amarillis, 2 Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia 009). Weed control can be done by manual or chemical, that is by using herbicides. Operation done around plate and sago plants in the hallway. Weed control is also intended to facilitate the operations of the garden. Weed control on the disk will be given to improve efficiency of fertilizer and pest diseases ward.
The mites that attack the dominant crop is beetle Oryctes rhinoceros sago L, beetles Rynchoporus sp., And Artona spp. This system can be mechanical, chemical and biological. Done mechanically cutting sago palm that attacked and burned. In chemical use insecticides such as Heptachlor 10 gr, 10 gr Diazine, BHC and others. While biologically done by spreading insect natural enemies of crop pests sago destroyer. Is a disease that attacks the leaf blotch caused by the fungus Cercospora. Eradication of the disease is possible with fungicides or with environmental sanitation (Haryanto and Pangloli, 1992).
The consolation of crop cultivation has not been done. Sago plants will grow best when the soil available nutrient enough. According to the Bintoro Flach (2008), when in 1 136 ha harvested stem the chaos that transported sago harvest of 100 kg N, 70 kg P2O5, 240 kg K2O and 80 kg MgO and various micro elements. It is therefore very nurturing to do so crop nutrient elements needed consolation available to high production run. According Bintoro (2008), things to look for in a n Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia urturing is as follows: 1. Arrangements before having nurturing, planning concerning the condition and the correct time of fertilization as the availability of fertilizer, labor, weather and fertilizer conveyor. 2. Avoiding tercecernya fertilizer along the road or planting acre

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