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Spacing varies, depending on the size of the level of soil fertility

Spacing varies, depending on the size of the level of soil fertility and varieties (varieties canopy width, require greater spacing than the smaller canopy).SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA 

Spacing on arable land could be narrowed, so spacing is narrower in the dry season than in the rainy season.

The size is 20 x 10 cm, 25 x 10 cm, 25 x 5 cm or 30 x 10 cm.

Spacing being studied: the array spacing, the distance between the bolt 30 cm.

3. Fertilization

Provision of basic fertilizer and manure can be done first before planting or at planting time.

Usually the first is used as fertilizer inorganic fertilizer: P2O5 and K2O and some fertilizer N.

N Fertilization should be done in 2-3 times.
Fertilization is effectively determined by dose, time, manner and type of fertilizer (N, P and K fertilizer can be given in the form of single or compound fertilizers).

How to be buried in the soil fertilization or stir thoroughly with the soil.

doses of fertilizers is determined by the amount of nutrients available in the soil. Typically used 20 tons of organic fertilizer / ha (if not previously fertilizer organic fertilizer to the planting of mountain vegetables), 120 kg N / ha, 45-90 kg / ha, P2O5 and K2O 30-60 kg / ha.

Fertilization of P and K are given in the array in the seed row or in a hole in the left side and the right seeds.

A third part of N is given along with the P and K (in t
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N is currently used to stimulate rooting and vegetative growth. A third of the more N is applied at the time to germinate, about 25-30 days after planting, to stimulate sprouting shoots that can be productive.

With spacing, number of shoots per clump sought not too much, about 10-20 shoots productive.

One third of the remaining part of the dose given N when plants form flower primordia, to encourage the formation of panicle, grain and grain protein levels which can form gluten (needed to make bread yangbaik).

Fertilizing N aftershocks given by way digarit in the bolt or the hole in between the plants.

4. Weeding

Weeds is an issue of importance to plant wheat and other crops mesofit, competes with wheat in terms of absorption of water, light and nutrients, can also be a host plant for the development of pests and diseases.

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